30 Magical Disney Makeup Looks For Holidays

30 Magical Disney Makeup Looks For All Holidays

Today I’m bringing you very unique photos for Disney makeup looks. I accidentally found them on instagram account, @lallymakeup , for a Brazilian artist named Laís Cordeiro Rosa. Lally became very famous for her creations in makeup art as she made her face look like the canvas that holds the art.

purple and gold eye shadow and lip makeup from Aladdin cartoon

By viewing this topic we will certainly realize that our bond with Disney movies extends further than childhood. I couldn’t believe that I would fall in love with these Disney makeup looks as soon as I saw them. It was the first time for me to spend such long time looking at the mirror and trying to draw one or two of them. That night I dreamed of wearing the gold Disney look for Christmas, and in another dream I saw myself as a mermaid wearing that blue Aladdin makeup.

Blue eye shadow design and blue lipstick from Aladdin cartoon

I loved the feeling of how our minds fantasize our inner desires into relieving dreams. I loved how we can change our reality and live in a beautiful dream or cartoon movie for sometime. It is good for the soul and the mind, and also allows us to create and dream.

One who has little girls, would love to spend sometime with her daughter drawing and creating Disney makeup looks. It is a great way to connect with your little girls and create very cherished, unforgotten memories like those of coloring and designing Easter eggs.

gold and pink eye shadow and lipstick

Disney makeup also allow you to have fun and celebrate in style. Ladies naturally love to look attractive, sexy and eye-catching. So these beautiful Disney makeup ideas will certainly help you to appear so unique, especially when you wear Disney costume for Halloween or Christmas and wear matching Disney makeup.

Disney gold eye shadow design and gold lipstick

Moana Disney eye makeup

Tiger eye shadow design and gold lipstick

lion king Disney makeup

beauty and the beast Disney makeup

purple eye makeup and red lipstick

gold lipstick and eye shadow design

pink eye shadow design and pink lipstick

gold eye shadow design and gold lipstick

Moana green eye shadow and brown lips

red eye shadow design and red lipstick, Cruella De Vil makeup from 101 Dalmatians cartoon

princess Jasmine green eye shadow design and brown lip color

purple eye shadow design and purple lips makeup

green and red eye shadow design from Ariel the mermaid cartoon

pink eye shadow and pink lips makeup

black eye shadow and red lips makeup

lion king eye shadow design and brown lip color

red lip gloss and eye shadow design

Ariel the mermaid makeup look with purple lipstick

beauty and the beast cartoon, Belle makeup look

white eye shadow design and red lips

blue eye shadow design and beige lips

red eye shadow and lip color

blue eye shadow designs and blue lip makeup

green eye shadow design