Coronavirus Symptoms In Kids And How To Treat A Sick Child

Coronavirus Symptoms In Kids And 9 Tips To Treat A Sick Child

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Until now, we are still learning about coronavirus as scientists discover more, even new, symptoms in reported cases. But coronavirus symptoms in kids is one major thing that parents worry about.
The good news is, children are unlikely to get infected with covid-19, at least not like the elderly who can easily catch it because of their weak immunity. Fewer cases of coronavirus in kids have been reported, and the illness is usually mild, but some have developed serious symptoms. Doctors have discovered post-infection inflammation in kids throughout their bodies, and it happens sometimes for weeks after recovery. There is currently no explanation for why this happens or how is it related to coronavirus.

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The basic coronavirus symptoms in kids are not different from those in adults.

– Fever or chills.
– Coughs and sneezes sometimes.
– Sore throat.
– Shaking and muscle pain.
– headache.
– Gasping or fast breathing.
– Loss of taste and smell.

coronavirus symptoms in kids
Coronavirus Symptoms In Kids

Other coronavirus symptoms in kids include:

– Fever for days.
– Looking pale.
– Skin rash and red eyes.
– Red, cracked lips.
– Hand and feet swelling or redness.
– Tummy upset “or belly pain”.
– Headache and dizziness.
– Vomiting or diarrhea.
– Vision problems.

Is coronavirus dangerous to children?

Most of the reported cases in kids have caught the infection from someone they are living with, like parents or other family members. And to comfort you, dear parents, those children didn’t get the virus from their pets.
So, it is not dangerous in children as it usually causes mild illness that goes away after a while, like cold and flu, but coronavirus symptoms in kids need some attention, just in case they develop to serious illness.
You must also make sure that your child has gotten all essential vaccinations for their age. That’s a very important key action for preventing diseases, because kids who have any medical condition, including other infections, will experience harder symptoms and take longer to recover from covid-19.

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What should I do if my child has covid-19?

Call your doctor as soon as you notice the beginning of the infection, take an appointment if possible, and ask them about the right way to take care of your kid.
If this option is not possible, try to call the local health provider in your region, or whatever medical authority, ask them to direct you to a suitable place for evaluation and assistance.
Coronavirus symptoms in kids are usually mild, so don’t try to go to emergency department in hospitals, unless your kid is experiencing serious symptoms, because they might not have enough place or assistance, so you waste time and get your child tired when they really need rest and sleeping.

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How is covid-19 treated in kids?

As I always say, coronavirus symptoms in kids and the elderly require equal level of attention and healthcare, because it is difficult to convince them to eat healthy, take medicines or follow instructions.

– As there is no medication or vaccine, treating coronavirus symptoms in kids depends on healthy foods, vitamins and taking rest.
– Make sure to ask your doctor about the right type of vitamin for your child’s age and condition. Also ask them about the suitable type of fever-reducing and painkiller medications, and if they recommend using additional treatment to help your child get better.

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wearing yellow rubber gloves and sanitizing kids toys

– After preparing the medicine, isolate your kid in a suitable place where they can watch TV, play with toys, or do whatever they enjoy. That’s very important in recovery… elevating their mood and making them happy.
– Prepare sanitizers, alcohol spray, hand rub, alcohol wipes for hands, no-alcohol wipes for body and frequent use, a big basket with trash bag, face masks for your child, tissues and anything need for hygiene.

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Speaking about food, most kids don’t enjoy vegetables and fruits, and as it is important that they get balanced nutrition full of vitamins:

– Try to make their meals enjoyable.

healthy kids sandwiches

– Add what they love most to their bowl of vegetables, like cheese, boiled eggs, grilled chicken, fried/mashed potatoes, and pasta.

healthy kids lunch

– Make immunity boosting juices by mixing a variety of fruits, including citrus”very important”, and add sneak turmeric into their juice. Turmeric is known to fight all diseases, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

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– Make delicious warm drinks from green tea, peppermint, caraway, chamomile, basil seeds, anise, etc…

yogurt granola cups with kiwi, strawberry and blueberry

– If your child doesn’t like juices and warm drink, make them smoothies, adding oats, barley, chia seeds, flax seeds and wheat. All are very nutritious and you can mix some of them with cocoa powder or chocolate, bananas, or anything that your kid loves, to make delicious taste smoothie/porridge.
And always remember that fluids are very important for recovering from covid-19, flu and cold.

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