8 Basic Coronavirus Symptoms Vs Cold, Flu and Seasonal Allergies

Coronavirus Symptoms Vs Cold, Flu and Seasonal Allergies

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During the pandemic it is important to stay informed with the coronavirus symptoms vs cold, flu and seasonal allergies, in order to save yourself and get help at the right time. There are some differences through which you can tell if your symptoms are due to Covid-19 or other infections.

Starting with coronavirus symptoms:
Covid-19 is a new genetic variant of SARS-CoV. This strain was not seen before in humans, and was identified in 2019 when infections appeared in Wuhan, China. The virus affects the respiratory tract and can cause severe symptoms to people with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressures patients,people with immunity problems, old individuals, and those with heart and lung diseases.
Although there are other four strains of coronavirus that cause mild symptoms, this strain ” SARS-CoV-2? is lethal for the above health conditions. And there is no vaccine or treatment so far.

coronavirus symptoms vs cold and flu
Coronavirus symptoms vs cold, flu and allergies

Covid-19 or coronavirus symptoms:

– Fever or chills.
– Dry cough.
– Fatigue.
– Chest pain and difficulty breathing.
– Bone and body aches.
– Headache.
– Sore throat.
– Runny nose and congestion.


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Coronavirus Symptoms vs Cold:

Common cold is definitely less aggressive than flu and coronavirus. It causes mild symptoms that can just make you feel miserable, but never kill you. Cold symptoms are treatable with medications, although they usually happen because your immune system is getting rid of the virus, and they will disappear normally within 7 or 10 days.

Common cold symptoms:

– Runny/stuffy nose.
– Sneezing.
– Watery eyes.
– Sore throat.
– Headache.
– Fatigue/body aches.

Coronavirus Symptoms vs Cold & Flu :

Flu, or seasonal influenza, has mixed symptoms but this infection is abrupt and more aggressive than cold, especially in children and old people. Flu affects the respiratory tract and lasts usually 7 days or more, depending on age and medication. There is a vaccine for seasonal influenza and it is considered the best way to prevent it. If you are eating well, drinking fluids and resting, the infection will usually go away without treatment or vaccine.

Seasonal influenza symptoms:

– Fever/chills.
– Fatigue.
– Headache.
– Cough.
– Body aches.
– Sore throat.
– Runny/stuffy nose.
– Diarrhea “in children”.

Seasonal Allergies symptoms

Seasonal allergies start in the spring season with the pollen carried from plants by the wind. Pollen is invisible for the eyes, but it causes your immune system to release histamines that trigger mixed symptoms of all the above infections.

Seasonal allergies symptoms:

– Runny/stuffy nose.
– Sneezing.
– Cough.
– Watery eyes.
– Fatigue/slight temperature.
– Headache.
– Difficulty breathing.
– Itching in the eyes, nose, throat or ear canals.

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