Understanding COVID-19 A Deadly Strain In The Corona Group.

COVID-19 A Deadly Strain In The Corona Group.

Reference: World Health Organization

COVID-19, officially named SARS-COV-2, is a newly identified virus that belongs to the corona group. It first appeared in China, in December 2019, and then spread all over the world due to its unpredictable speed of transmission. The origin of the virus was a wildlife-animals market in Wuhan, China; also known as Wuhan’s seafood market.
Of course, that market has been closed after the corona pandemic, because most coronaviruses are zoonotic ” it means they first appeared in animals and then developed types that can infect humans”. Scientists believe that the source of COVID-19 was bats because they live in the wild and feed on animals’ blood, so they are likely to carry many diseases and develop virus transformations.

What is COVID-19 ?

To understand more what is COVID-19 , here is how it transfers and how it affects you…
The virus causes respiratory tract infection that can be severe and, in some cases, lethal. The new corona virus is found in the saliva and nasal discharge, so it spreads from one person to another through coughs and sneezes, or touching a contaminated surface.

In order to protect yourself and others, practice social distancing and avoid things like hugs, kisses, shaking hands, touching surfaces with your hands, touching your face or mouth, and being in crowded places.

COVID-19 can’t be diagnosed through a physical examination because the symptoms are, sometimes, similar to those of cold and flu. So, if you feel unwell, stay home, isolate yourself in your room and call for medical attention and laboratory testing.

After understanding what is COVID-19, a frequently asked question comes to our minds… Is there a treatment? And does it harm pets?
Until now there is no treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, so if you have mild symptoms, stay home, rest and eat balanced meals rich in fruits and vegetables.
Using alcohol sanitizer and protective face masks is essential for you and your family members, to prevent spreading the virus. Always clean and sanitize your home with bleach or alcohol spray.
Don’t share your frequently used things with others. Dishes, flatware, glasses, clothes, and bed sheets should be washed and sanitized too. If you experience severe symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can transfer to your pets because the virus group contains more than 29 types, and those which infect humans can’t infect animals unless they develop a new type. But as a protective measure, try to avoid your pets if you feel unwell.