45 Dazzling Halloween Pumpkins Decorating Ideas

45 Dazzling Halloween Pumpkins Decorating Ideas

My most favorite part in fall season is decorating with pumpkins everywhere, inside and outside the house. Before the Halloween holiday, when the weather starts to change, I celebrate the romantic ambiance of Autumn beating the cold wind with warm-colored leaves; spreading gourds and pumpkins in the living room and making centerpieces with candles, pine cones and fairy lights. Having those fun and festive items around the house is considered a big treat preparing our souls for Christmas cheer.
I usually enjoy painting the pumpkins in friendly patterns and just using some Halloween items like spiders, crows and cobwebs, to add a little creep before the holiday. I intended to make this post as friendly as possible, for those who like simple decorations, and will include scarier designs in my next post.

Our post features:

Elegant mercury glass pumpkins.
Colorful plastic pumpkins.
Decoupage pumpkins.
Metallic pumpkins with glitter and rhinestones.
Ceramic pumpkins.
Black and white pumpkins.

Black dinning room Halloween decorations with cobwebs

There are thousands of ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkins. People like to carve lanterns or grave themes. Some like to paint pumpkins into either scary or pretty patterns, and others like glam and glitter pumpkins in different colors. There is another model of ‘Halloween pumpkins’ that uses elegant paint, like that made for decoupage pumpkins and vintage decorations. This type is very romantic and kid friendly as it allows you to paint whatever colors, patterns or faces using simple techniques and colorful paper stamps.

Painted pumpkin Halloween lanterns

One of the easiest Halloween pumpkins decorations is making black pumpkins. This idea results in creative shapes including carving, painting creepy faces and monsters, stickers, etc.
There are also black, decorative pumpkins made of plastic or porcelain. They are sold in holiday stores in different shapes and sizes. Some are even shaped into Jack-O-Lantern and if you are lucky, you may find color changing, painted glass pumpkins.

Black and orange Halloween pumpkin decorations

Now speaking about colorful Halloween pumpkins that we love to use all fall long. There are simply exquisite! Why? Because they hold majestic beauty with their soft color combinations and glowing appearance. Who wouldn’t love to drink some tea on the couch while being surrounded with elegant pumpkins, fairy lights, flowers and Autumn leaves? Imagine that you are reading a book or having cookies with family among a peaceful atmosphere of glowing mercury glass pumpkins? What about pink and silver with ivory candles, flowers, pine cones and scents of Autumn flowers everywhere?
All these elegant models can serve quite well during the fall season, and to tell you a creative idea for this Halloween … try to mix between elegant and scary items, matching the colors with your home style and adding just some spiders, ravens, black cats, rats, cobwebs, etc.

Gold Halloween pumpkin decorations

Gold Halloween pumpkin decorations

Halloween pumpkins were still not known by then as the people in Ireland, Scotland and England made their lanterns using turnip, potatoes and beets. They carved their lanterns into scary faces and placed them outdoors to scare and ward-off the evil spirits.
In the 18th century, people immigrated from those countries to America. They brought their religious and cultural beliefs with them, including their lantern making practices. When they knew pumpkin crops, they found that pumpkins were more suitable for carving and making better lanterns. During that time, extending to the 19th century, the folks of English colonies were so afraid witchcraft practices and Halloween pumpkins became so popular; combining a tradition of Jack-o-lantern and the need to ward off evil spirits on all hallows eve.
Based on those legends, we figure out why pumpkins – carved or not – became a classic part of Halloween decorating our doorsteps and porches… they were traditionally used as a tool of protection.

Gold Halloween pumpkin decorations

Black and white Halloween mantel decorations

Black and white Halloween pumpkins

Living room Halloween decorations with pumpkins and cobwebs

Outdoor black Halloween pumpkins

Black and white Halloween pumpkins

Black Halloween pumpkin


Black Halloween pumpkin with white skull painting

 Black and orange Halloween decorations

Black and white pumpkins with golden top

Glam Halloween pumpkin decorations

Boo black Halloween pumpkin

Ceramic white and purple pumpkins

Black and white floral decoupage pumpkins

Black and white pumpkin Halloween decorations

Ceramic white and pink pumpkins

Golden glass pumpkin with fairy lights

Day of the dead white Halloween pumpkin with flower top

Golden Halloween pumpkin decorations

Black and orange Halloween pumpkins

White Halloween pumpkin with purple witch painting

Printed Halloween pumpkins for kids

White day of the dead Halloween pumpkin

Purple and black Halloween pumpkins

Pink and purple painted Halloween pumpkins

Black and orange outdoor Halloween pumpkin decor

DIY gold Halloween pumpkins

White vintage Halloween pumpkin

White carved Halloween pumpkin with skeleton and bats

White and pink glam Halloween pumpkins

Black and orange glitter Halloween pumpkin

White Halloween pumpkin decor

Friendly Halloween pumpkin paint

Outdoor pumpkin decoration

Trick or treat Halloween pumpkin

White pumpkin with feather decoration

Fall pumpkin centerpiece

Black and white pumpkin with golden leaves