Purple Outfits For Winter – 11 Formal And Casual Looks

Purple Outfits For Winter

Hello purple lovers!
In one of my previous posts I said that your mood and productivity at work is usually influenced by the outfits you wear. If you wear something that gives beautiful, bold, sexy, flashy or any other impression, you will certainly walk confident among your colleagues and their comments will make you really happy. On contrary, if you are not satisfied with your clothes, you will feel shy and afraid of public.
Due to the above reason I thought of warming up your winter season with these beautiful purple outfits for work. The stunning looks I included below will surely help you change that dull winter mood when you are forced to wake up early and battle with the cold outside.

Lets start with the pants… I collected most photos with pants instead of pencil skirts, because they are more suitable for winter in addition to providing comfort for those who work in different places. Also ladies find high waist formal pants more sexy, and young women enjoy wearing jeans. Most of these looks are in gray and purple, and again… I wasn’t intending for choosing certain colors, I just found the color combination very elegant and appealing. I included one model of a short dress and lovely v-neck cashmere cardigan.

The varieties of knit wear, jackets and coats in this topics are really stylish that I would love to try them all. The most beautiful are the ones paired with jeans and high boots, which are my favorites.
The designers of these looks gave us great inspiration for shoes, accessories and makeup. Some outfits were paired with shoes/boots in both purple and gray to give you clear picture of yourself when you wear those sexy purple heels, or just go casual with Ugg boots. In addition to the featured accessories, I would recommend silver or golden necklaces, or just simple handmade ones in mint, turquoise and light blue. Any of them can lighten up the look.