What Makes Winter The Best Season For Weight Loss?

What Makes Winter The Best Season For Weight Loss?

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Many people think that it is impossible to lose weight in winter. Perhaps because they tend to spend more time indoors, watching TV under a blanket, and hence they never reach their goal.
In fact, this can be true, and many people don’t stop eating high energy foods and couching under a blanket in winter. But lifestyles are not all alike, and for some people winter is the best season for weight loss.

winter weight gain denies weight loss

To understand the theory, we first have to view some researches that tell us how the human body works. Scientists discovered that the human body tries to keep an average temperature of 37 C, for its organs to function well. When the winter comes, the human body tries to keep itself warm in different techniques. One of which is demanding lots of food and sugary drinks “which deny weight loss”. The other way is by shivering to burn stored fats for energy.
The first way is what makes you put on weight, while the other one helps you to lose weight.

So, what should you do when you feel hungry in winter?

If you surrender to that feeling and eat high energy foods, you will gain weight. The key action here is to have more warm drinks, without sugar, and know exactly what and when to eat, to avoid feeling hungry.

1- Cut the sugary drinks, pastry and fast foods.
2- Depend on warm soups, green tea and light coffee for warmth.

3-Eat more fruits to satisfy the sugar craving in a healthy way.
4- Make a large bowl of salad with chicken or cheese, to be always ready in your kitchen as a light meal or snack.

grilled chicken salad for weight loss

5-Try light meals like whole grain, veggie and cheese sandwiches before going out, to ensure burning stored fat.
6- Have a nice bowl of soup before bed to stay warm and avoid craving for sweets.
7- For the main meals, try roasted protein with salads “both achieve quick weight loss”, and don’t forget to eat yogurt because metabolizing the phosphorus in protein needs calcium.

The other way for weight loss is very simple and may surprise you. It is called the shivering exercise. Although it is not actually a real exercise like running or resistance training, but it does the same result of burning some stored fats. So, winter offers you a natural exercise that doesn’t require any effort.
Researches prove that in cold climates the human body shivers to help burning fat, but that happens only after shivering and not just feeling cold. They also prove that feeling cold can trigger the secretion of two hormones from the muscles and brown fat cells. These hormones are said to increase the fat burning rate, which is estimated as 30% more than that resulting from exercise.

It means that shivering for 10 to 15 minutes can give you an approximate result as an hour of cardio, while staying just below the point of shivering for some time can turn the harmful while fat into good brown fat cells.

Speaking about exercise in winter, I consider it the best way ever for weight loss, in addition to helping you stay warm. Because you simply provide your body with the warmth it needs through a healthy activity that makes you happy and burns stored fat.

Man wearing orange sweater and running in winter with woman wearing blue sweater

In addition to weight loss, exercising in winter has many benefits for the body and the mind. It keeps your muscles conditioned and trained instead of weakening as you sit all the time under the blanket. It also has great benefit for those who suffer from seasonal depression with the lack of sunshine and the dull clouds. Many people find exercising in winter amusing and healthy, because it allows them to spend more time in nature when the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful “not to mention the cold, fresh air”.